Felicity’s New Love Hit With a Speed Bump

Home and Away is set to introduce a new character that promises to shake up the dynamics in Summer Bay. Joshua Orpin, known for his role in Titans, will join the cast as Rory, a mysterious newcomer with ties to the notorious River Boys gang.

Felicity Newman, a central character in the show, finds herself at the heart of this developing storyline. Initially put off by Rory’s brazen approach on the beach, Felicity’s opinion of him begins to shift as she discovers his charming side. Despite her recent split from ex-husband Tane Parata, Felicity finds herself drawn to Rory, setting the stage for a potentially complicated romance.


However, not everyone in Summer Bay is thrilled about this budding relationship. Cash Newman, Felicity’s brother and a police officer, returns to active duty and immediately clashes with the River Boys. The conflict intensifies when Rory vandalizes Cash’s car, leading to a tense confrontation between the law enforcer and the gang member.


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Cash’s concern for his sister’s well-being becomes paramount as he learns of her involvement with Rory. In a dramatic scene, Cash implores Felicity to end her relationship with Rory, emphasizing the importance of his request. This plea sets up a classic soap opera dilemma: will Felicity heed her brother’s warning, or will she follow her heart?


Joshua Orpin, in discussing his new role, describes Rory as a complex character. While he acknowledges Rory’s “bad boy” persona, Orpin hints at hidden depths to the character. He suggests that Rory’s affiliation with the River Boys comes with preconceived notions about his nature, but there may be more to him than meets the eye.

The actor also teases that Rory’s storyline will explore themes of love and loyalty, particularly how far that loyalty extends. This hints at potential conflicts between Rory’s allegiance to the River Boys and his developing feelings for Felicity.

As the story unfolds, viewers can expect to see the impact of Rory’s arrival on the tight-knit community of Summer Bay. Will he bring trouble to the town, or will he prove to be misunderstood? How will his presence affect the relationship between Felicity and Cash? And most importantly, how will Felicity navigate her attraction to Rory in light of her brother’s warnings?

These exciting developments are set to air next week for Australian viewers, while UK fans will have to wait until August to see the drama unfold on Channel 5. As Home and Away continues to captivate audiences with its blend of romance, family drama, and community tensions, the introduction of Rory promises to add a fresh and intriguing element to the long-running series.

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