Daylesford Announced as Filming Location for The Block 2025! Producers Thrilled

The Block, Australia’s beloved renovation reality series, is set to make a significant shift in its upcoming seasons. While the twentieth season, filmed in Phillip Island, is yet to air, Channel Nine has already unveiled plans for the following year. The show’s executive producer, Julian Cress, recently confirmed that season 21 will be filmed in Daylesford, Victoria, a location described as “the number one weekend destination in Australia.”

This announcement comes after a series of unexpected twists in the show’s production plans. Originally, the 2024 season was slated to take place in Daylesford, but permit issues and local complaints forced a last-minute relocation to Phillip Island. This sudden change, occurring just five months before production was set to begin, left producers scrambling to find an alternative location.

The decision to return to Daylesford for the 2025 season marks a triumphant resolution to these earlier setbacks. Cress expressed enthusiasm about the location, noting that after extensive negotiations, the plans submitted to the Daylesford council were finally approved a couple of months ago. He highlighted the town’s beauty and its potential to resonate with viewers, describing it as “absolutely stunning” and praising the local community.

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This location change represents a strategic move for The Block, transitioning from the coastal “seachange” theme of the Phillip Island season to a “tree change” setting in Daylesford. The show’s producers believe this shift will offer a fresh and appealing backdrop for the renovation challenges, capitalizing on Daylesford’s reputation as a popular weekend getaway destination.

The journey to secure Daylesford as a filming location has not been without its challenges. Insiders revealed that producers were initially “devastated” when plans fell through last year, having invested over nine months in preparation. The last-minute change forced a hurried search for alternatives, a process that typically takes up to 12 months to ensure all necessary permits and arrangements are in place.

As for the upcoming twentieth season, set to air on Channel Nine in August following the Olympics, viewers can expect to see five teams of everyday Australians transforming rundown holiday homes into luxury properties on Phillip Island. The show will see the return of hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft, along with some changes to the judging panel. Real estate director Marty Fox will be stepping in to replace longtime judge Neale Whitaker, joining Shaynna Blaze and Darren Whitaker.

In another shift, Dan Reilly will take on the role of sole foreman for the Phillip Island season, as Keith Schleiger was unable to relocate for the filming. However, both Neale and Keith are expected to make guest appearances throughout the season.

As The Block continues to evolve and explore new locations, the announcement of Daylesford as the setting for season 21 has generated excitement among fans and industry insiders alike. The show’s ability to adapt to challenges and continually reinvent itself speaks to its enduring popularity and the creative vision of its production team.

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