Claire Sweeney and Ricky Hatton Share Cozy Photos from Festival Date

In a heartwarming turn of events, actress Claire Sweeney and former boxing champion Ricky Hatton have found love in an unexpected place – the glittering world of reality television. The couple, who met while competing on ITV’s Dancing On Ice earlier this year, have been steadily growing closer, much to the delight of fans and fellow celebrities alike.

This past weekend, Claire, 53, and Ricky, 45, were spotted enjoying a performance by 80s icon Rick Astley at the annual Lytham music festival. The Coronation Street star looked radiant, sporting dark shades and letting her golden locks flow freely in the summer breeze. Sharing their joy on social media, Claire posted a series of loved-up snaps with her new beau, captioning the images with a heartfelt message: “Brilliant day here with my @rickyhitmanhatton,” complete with a love heart emoji.

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Claire Sweeney cosied up to Ricky Hatton in some loved-up snaps at a music festival over the weekend
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The actress, 53, and former boxing champion Ricky, 45, met earlier this year when they both competed on Dancing On Ice and have grown closer ever since .

The new couple’s relationship has garnered widespread approval from their celebrity peers. This Morning presenter Vanessa Feltz couldn’t contain her enthusiasm, commenting on the post, “Love you two together. You have never looked prettier or happier. Fabulous!!!” Their Dancing On Ice co-star Adele Roberts also showed her support with a heart-eyed emoji in the comments section.

In an exclusive interview with Prime Casino, Ricky shed light on the origins of their romance. Despite knowing Claire for about 25 years through various social functions and events, it wasn’t until their shared experience on Dancing On Ice that sparks began to fly. The former boxer humorously admitted, “I didn’t go on Dancing on Ice to find romance, I just went in hoping I wouldn’t break my f*****g neck.”

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The new couple won approval from their fellow famous faces, with This Morning star Vanessa Feltz noting how much she loved seeing the pair together
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Ricky recently gave an insight into his five month relationship with Claire Sweeney
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Ricky starred on Dancing On Ice with partner Robin Johnstone but didn’t last long in the competition
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Claire became the third star to leave this year’s Dancing On Ice in February (pictured with pro partner Colin Grafton)

The couple’s connection deepened during their training sessions in Altrincham, where Claire was working on Coronation Street. As they prepared for the show, they found themselves spending more time together and discovering a natural rapport. Ricky explained, “We got on straight away while we were training for the ice skating. And then when we travelled down to London where the show actually took place we got on even better.”

Interestingly, Ricky revealed that he had always felt a connection with Claire during their previous encounters. Knowing they were both single when the show began, he sensed he might have “half a chance” at winning her heart.

The public’s reaction to this unexpected pairing has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans have been quick to express their support and joy for the couple. One fan commented, “Made up for you both, just remind me of me and my hubby no one put us together but 17 years in still goin strong xx,” highlighting the relatability of their love story.

As Claire and Ricky continue to navigate their new relationship in the public eye, their genuine happiness and compatibility shine through. Their story serves as a reminder that love can indeed be found in the most unexpected places – even on the slippery surface of an ice rink. With their shared history, newfound connection, and the support of their friends and fans, Claire Sweeney and Ricky Hatton appear to be skating towards a promising future together.

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